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The unique talent in the sport - Ventsislav Izov


Ventsislav Izov is the son of a famous Bulgarian breeder of horses from the Trakener breed - Miroslav Izov, a member of the German Association of Trakehners (Trakehner Verband GmbH).

Ventsislav, guided by his insightful father, first appears in a 3-star jumping competition abroad, where he must cover a height of 1.45 cm. After his successful performance, a special commission from the academy invites him to become one of the young European talents in this discipline.

The great achievements in the sport of Ventsi begin as early as August 2012 at the European Championship for Children, Adolescents and Young Riders in Austria, where he holds 14th place in the team standings and 50th in the individual ranking of his first international race with his horse Aesop.

In 2018 Ventsi became part of the Young Riders Academy (YRA - Academy for Young Riders). For our boy, this happens while he is still a student, so he is studying remotely, occasionally appearing in tournaments under the hat of the academy. The year after graduating from the Veterinary College in Kostinbrod, Ventsislav Izov is already a rider at the academy with the entirety of the curriculum. There is not another representative of the Balkan countries in his group. Now he rides with his colleagues from all over Europe and proudly talks about Bulgaria and his origin. He will stay longer at the base of the academy in Belgium as the days went into strict training and a wide range of theoretical knowledge. He says he is insanely happy with his training with Lansink and recently went to the University of Uppsala, Sweden, where he attended lectures by the famous Jons Frederickson.

The day of our talented rider in Belgium starts at 6:30 and ends late in the evening, spending on riding, cording, and training. "Lansink is an amazing person. I had seen him at live competitions but had never been in contact with him. Now I have the opportunity to draw with my full hands the rich experience. He is brilliant at work and getting under his trainer's right is a real chance for any young rider. He has an exceptional attitude towards horses, and he is a true motivator for anyone looking for success in the sport. I am sure that this experience will be of great importance for my career. I have high expectations for the whole YRA program and I am grateful to have been a part of it during my 2018 coming year, ”says successful racer Ventsislav Izov - the successor of our famous horse breeder and coach Miroslav Izov.

Ventsislav's successes continue to be a fitness sport for parents. Of course, all these results are the product of hard work and perseverance, as well as good care for the horse.

Miro Izov