Riders must be at least 6 years old.
All students must wear certified helmets whenever mounted on horseback
Proper riding attire must be worn when riding. For your safety, no tennis shoes, hiking boots, fashion boots, sweat pants, leggings or track pants are allowed.
In order to keep your children safe at all times, please do not drop them off or leave them unattended in or around the barn. Screaming and running are also prohibited.
Please always book time for your lesson and arrive at least thirty minutes before it starts.

View descriptions of acceptable riding attire
(pictures from

Riding Helmets

Paddock Boots

Half Chaps, and Half Chaps with Paddock Boots

Riding Gloves

Tall Boots

Riding Breeches, and Breeches with Tall Boots
(or Boots and Half Chaps)


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